Guido Fawkes have attempted to link Chuka Umunna’s withdrawal from the Labour leadership contest to a Scrapbook post from Wednesday — in which we slammed a conservative blog for complaining that the shadow business secretary isn’t married. “While Chuka is blaming the evil press for being mean, he might want to have a look at what the […]

With opponents calling for him to be sacked, Tory minister Matt Hancock has apologised after Scrapbook highlighted a message on his Twitter timeline stating the Labour Party was “full of queers”: Amazed @matthancockmp sends vile tweet about "queers". Cameron shd sack him now. — Chris Bryant (@ChrisBryantMP) October 2, 2014 Previous RT was a total accident. […]

It’s 2014 — but apparently Iain Duncan Smith thinks it’s okay to refer to a gay colleague as a “pantomime dame”. The cabinet member made the homophobic jibe to out Labour shadow minister Chris Bryant during work and pensions questions earlier this afternoon: Er, IDS just called Chris Bryant a "pantomime dame". — Tom McTague […]

After gay Tory MP Crispin Blunt survived a bid by ‘traditional’ (homophobic) members of his local party to deselect him, the Guardian reveals the amusing name of his defence campaign: “Supporters of Blunt had dubbed their campaign to save the former minister ‘Operation Meteor’ – named after the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs” Claims that Blunt’s […]

With Tesco’s Covent Garden branch prosecuted over a mouse infestation which saw critters grow to twice their normal size after gorging themselves on cake and raw chicken, conservative religious leaders know who to blame … the gays! The national director of Christian Voice told Pink News: “It is symptomatic of the bad management of Tesco. Any company which announces […]

Following events at the Greencoat Boy in London yesterday, pub chain Punch Taverns have released a statement* responding to claims that members of LGBT Labour were refused service on the basis of their sexuality. The chain may soon find themselves on the wrong end of the Metropolitan Police, whose hate crime unit is in contact with the activists […]