Immigration minister Mark Harper has resigned for — prepare yourselves — employing an illegal immigrant! It turns out that his cleaner was working for him without necessary permits. The Home Office caused outrage with its inflammatory immigration rhetoric on Harper’s watch — including the notorious Racist Van and the following social media campaign from the […]

After the Border Agency was exposed for texting British citizens telling them they were to be deported, Labour’s shadow Home Office team have tabled the following written questions in parliament: “How many texts have been sent by Capita on behalf of the Home Office Border Agency in the period May 2010-Oct 10th 2013 advising individuals of […]

The UK Border Agency has sent what are thought to be hundreds of intimidating text messages to British Citizens threatening them with deportation. The has come to light after a British man of a South Asian background was sent a message “from the UK Border Agency” which told him: “You are required to leave the UK as […]

The Home Office have rebuffed freedom of information requests relating to the ‘racist van’ and a controversial Twitter campaign using the hashtag #ImmigrationOffenders — claiming that disclosure of data would compromise immigration enforcement. Two such requests from Political Scrapbook have been rejected, with another outstanding. In the wake of the vile advertising campaign — which was accused of “borrowing the […]

With the Home Office’s immigration enforcement teams conducting “intimidating” stop and search operations at rail and underground stations last week, Scrapbook wonders whether the prime minister’s impression of a WWII German official is ripe for revival. During a so-called Cameron Direct event in June 2009, the then leader of the opposition asked an audience in Norwich to […]