The Sovereign Grant accounts dropped today — cue predictable spin that keeping the Windsor family in the style to which they are accustomed costs us each “a mere 56p per year”. According to the latest figures, Prince Charles receives £19.5m from the Duchy of Cornwall, which is described as: “a private estate established in 1337 which funds […]

Historic claims made by Starbucks executives in little-scrutinised briefings to analysts and shareholders laid the way for the company to be slammed in a report by MPs today. The multinational is accused by the Public Accounts Committee of conniving to avoid corporation tax by pretending to be unprofitable in the UK — ‘exporting’ the real profits to […]

Vodafone’s top lawyer in India has quit after being tangled up in a four-year long tax avoidance scandal. The row has seen the Indian government bullied by its biggest foreign corporate investor — but officials are not giving up on extracting $2.6bn from the company. Executive Andre Jerome led Vodafone’s defence against the Indian government, […]

HMRC have introduced rules which require office staff to fill in a forms and keep records before they can club together to buy tea, coffee and milk, Scrapbook can reveal. Workers at the National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office (NIC&EO) must obtain written permission from a staff officer (SO) before forming that age-old office institution: a tea and […]