Back in 2010 the BBC reported on the 40% rise in advertising spending in the run up to the last general election, with the former head of the Government Information Service telling them that ministers pressurised civil servants to run adverts which would highlight the government’s programme as polling day approached: “One of the dangerous things […]

In the Tories’ first major set piece of the election campaign, George Osborne slams what he claims are his opponents’ ‘unfunded spending pledges’ at a press conference. Ninety minutes later his own minister Sajid Javid goes on national radio and refuses to explain how various Tory spending commitments will be paid for. listen to ‘Sajid Javid car crash’ […]

The Tories’ attack dossier on Labour’s spending plans has been billed as “costed by Treasury officials”. Yeah, right. Nearly every single one of the documents published today includes a phrase along the lines of: “Special Advisers have asked officials to make the following assumptions” — Sir Humphry code for “This wasn’t our idea and we wouldn’t have done it this way”. […]

Boasted of tax contributions in annual report Claimed tax was “important aspect” of corporate citizenship But refused to sign up to code until forced by Osborne Despite the exposure of Barclays’ “aggressive tax avoidance” scheme — designed to save them billions of pounds over several years — it seems the bank were more than happy […]

George Osborne’s much-vaunted Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) was supposedly set up to guarantee the “independence and integrity” of growth and borrowing figures which, he claimed, had been subject to “fiddling” under Labour. Revelations that the OBR is is staffed by exactly the same Treasury economists that produced data slammed by Osborne have only strengthened claims that the […]