Senior political journalists have been told that 10 Downing Street will not stand in the way should they look to unseat one of Michael Gove’s top team. Special adviser Dominic Cummings has become a lightning rod for controversy — his latest¬†dalliance¬†with negative headlines came this week after emails emerged in which he suggested a journalist […]

The Labour Party has inflicted some some pretty impressive wounds on itself over the last three years but it is clear now that these are eclipsed by the Ashcroft saga. If Scrapbook was a Conservative activist he would be spitting feathers and it seems one of their number finally lost patience this week, causing a […]

UPDATE: Oh, dear. This little bit of spin has gone down like a pint of sick with some non-Cameroons. In an interview on Absolute (formerly Virgin) Radio this morning David Cameron indulged in a bit of bar room vernacular. When asked whether he used Twitter, he responded: Politicians do have to think about what we […]