Faced with the prospect of a crushing defeat at the hands of Lords crossbenchers, the coalition has been forced into a humiliating climbdown on the Lobbying Bill.  And with the legislation — the parliamentary charge of Andrew Lansley — now the subject of a six-week pause, it’s worth remembering the last time this happened and who […]

A confidential risk register prepared by the Department of Health reveals civil servants’ grave concerns about Andrew Lansley’s sweeping reorganisation of the NHS. The register emerged late last night after a leak to health writer Roy Lilley (PDF version). Set out as a colour coded chart, the document is covered in red (not a good sign). The following items […]

The risk register for the controversial Health and Social Care Bill has been leaked (PDF version). The Guardian are going for it in their second edition. It smells a bit odd that this early (September 2010) draft has leaked now. The final version might be much worse. Is this a ruse to take attention off Cash for […]

The 170,000-signature petition against the Health Bill will be debated in Parliament next Tuesday — two weeks after MPs refused to allocate it time. Despite huge backing for the online appeal, the Backbench Business Committee attempted to block discussion in the Commons despite having 70% more signatures than is required. Secured under pressure from Andy Burnham, […]

David Cameron’s most senior civil service aide, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, has told the PM to scrap the Health Bill. The revelation exposes the extent to which Cameron and Lansley are isolated — even amongst their inner circle of Whitehall advisers. Sources to the Mirror’s James Lyons have revealed that Heywood has been arguing […]

The coalition’s NHS reforms will sweep away bureaucracy, insisted Robert Halfon MP today in the latest attempt to shore up a fatally wounded Andrew Lansley. He obviously hasn’t seen the chaotic plans for NHS London leaked to investigative journalist David Hencke. Lansley’s reforms will abolish the binary system of Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities, […]

Treasury minister Chloe Smith was heckled this weekend as she attempted to address a Drop The Bill rally in Norwich. Arriving to sing the praises of the Coalition’s most unpopular legislation yet, Smith was ambushed by protesters who flanked her with a large banner saying “NHS wrecker”. Handed a hospital pass by protesters, she left the stage to […]