There can surely be no better marker of the importance of the election than the Tories’ plan to show carers, the severely disabled and terminally ill no mercy in their new round of benefit cuts. But don’t worry — the Labour Party are going to defend the vulnerable by asking the Tories nicely. With sugar on top and everything:

Harriet Harman’s oddly personal (but nonetheless amusing) attack on Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, whom she called a “ginger rodent”, has generated a minor storm for which she’s been forced to apologise. Some commentators have been highlighting the hypocrisy of a life-long champion of equality mocking a man for a physical trait. Others like […]

Labour’s Shadow Cabinet elections got busier again yesterday with at least two more hopefuls (including Mike Gapes and Wayne David) sending out emails to their parliamentary colleagues. Following changes to the PLP rules women can count on a minimum of seven places at the top table. Including Harriet Harman this means a minimum of six […]

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson has declared he is to run for the Shadow Cabinet in the forthcoming elections. It had previously been thought that Mr. Johnson would follow top-cabinet colleagues like Alastair Darling and Jack Straw in stepping back from the political front line. Johnson’s decision could potentially scupper the Shadow Cabinet plans of […]

LabourList is reporting that Harriet Harman has ruled out a potential bid for the Labour leadership. In an interview with Andew Neil for Straight Talk to be broadcast this weekend, the deputy leader says she “absolutely” would not stand should a vacancy arise. PoliticsHome has the full exchange: Andrew Neil: So, if a vacancy should […]