A group of Conservative councillors in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are conducting just one surgery each PER YEAR, it has emerged. It gets worse. Lazy representatives — who each take home between £9,964 and £27,838 per year courtesy of the taxpayer — would force some residents to walk nearly a mile and half to see them — because they can’t even […]

A select committee of MPs has been told that the Bedroom Tax is making people suicidal. Maureen Smith, a solicitor with a Glasgow-based legal and financial advice service, told the Scottish Affairs Committee: “I have seen more people who are contemplating suicide. More people are destitute.” The claim comes after a 53 year-old grandmother threw herself […]

On the same day as approving £60m cuts to public spending and services, flagship Tory council Hammersmith and Fulham apparently still have enough money left to make cringey videos. The “thank you” campaign even saw council leader Stephen Greenhalgh — whose impending resignation was revealed exclusively by Scrapbook back in December — giving out, errr, roses […]

The leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Stephen Greenhalgh, may be wise to borrow David Cameron’s rat-catching cat Larry for a few days. While Tories from across the London region gathered to hear Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson and his mayoral campaign manager Lynton Crosby on Saturday, one delegate opted to leave early, scampering […]

Nick Clegg and his staff were left red faced this morning after arranging a visit to a community centre facing the chop due to government cuts. Having not done his homework properly, the DPM arrived at Shepherd’s Bush Village Hall seemingly unaware that the facility was being closed. As the error dawned on Liberal Democrat spinners, […]