Breathtaking hypocrisy from Liam Fox at PMQs, who claims that the Guardian’s coverage of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks had left “security personnel more vulnerable”: “Can we have a full and transparent assessment of whether the Guardian’s involvement in the Snowden affair has damaged Britain’s national security?” Fox obviously has a short memory. Two years ago this […]

Section mysteriously vanishes from letter to Prescott  Original letter contained slap-down for DCLG Top adviser confirms it was edited without permission Government attempts to explain why a sensitive letter from the UK’s most senior civil servant was altered without his knowledge had Guido Fawkes spinning for their mates over at DCLG earlier today. After a letter […]

A letter from ex-cabinet secretary Gus O’Donnell was subject to unauthorised censorship to remove references to fraud on government credit cards — and to Eric Pickles’ department being warned over media ambushes on ex-ministers. Images of signatures published below by Scrapbook, show the fake signature added to a letter — without permission from the UK’s most senior civil servant. As […]

A leaked letter published by Political Scrapbook reveals how officials relaxed key security requirements in a desperate bid to generate enough volunteers to staff airport border controls during industrial action. The message from civil service boss Gus O’Donnell sent to relevant Whitehall managers at 3pm on Friday asked for volunteers fitting the following criteria: From the Home […]

Eric Pickles’ team are closing ranks to protect his most senior aides. Neither of his special advisers have been disciplined despite an unprecedented letter from the cabinet secretary reprimanding David Cameron for their behaviour, Local Government Chronicle revealed (£) this week. In September 2010, Electoral Commission chair Jenny Watson was smeared as “incompetent” and “milking the taxpayer” by a […]