Guido Fawkes have attempted to link Chuka Umunna’s withdrawal from the Labour leadership contest to a Scrapbook post from Wednesday — in which we slammed a conservative blog for complaining that the shadow business secretary isn’t married. “While Chuka is blaming the evil press for being mean, he might want to have a look at what the […]

Claiming to have been ‘stabbed in the face’ by ‘Labour-supporting’ neighbours, UKIP candidate Bobby Anwar says that his political convictions were a factor. And Guido Fawkes knows who is blame: anyone who has forcefully opposed Farage et al! “A police inquiry is ongoing but the victim is adamant that his UKIP connections were a motivating factor. […]

“Who cares for details eh?”, crowed Guido Fawkes in a post analysing Cameron’s speech yesterday. Certainly not them — on the basis of their analysis entitled “Dave Mentioned Labour Over a Dozen Times (Compared to Twice in 2012 Speech)”. Despite available transcripts indicating Cameron’s 2012 speech contained no less than 17 mentions of the Labour Party, Guido […]

Apparently, being amongst four blogs (and the TaxPayers’ Alliance and Owen Jones) name-checked by Angela Eagle at the opening of the Lobbying Bill debate this afternoon passes for news over at Guido Fawkes: Such is their level of obsession with this website, they couldn’t resist having a go: “No mention of that Scrapbook site. Whatever happened to them?” What happened […]

Guido Fawkes’ Harry Cole likes the notion that MPs should wear their sponsors’ logos — so we’ve made his dream a reality with this Conservative Party football kit festooned with the emblems of companies linked to Tory cash. I like the idea that MPs should be made to wear jackets with their donors logos and […]

Guido Fawkes accidentally outs himself as behind the @EyeSpyMP crowd-sourced MP-watching service with his own dialling wand moment earlier: All those lefty SW1A bag carriers (and MPs) that didn’t realise they were feeding Guido …

In their focus on the outrageous train travel claims of a “Labour MP”, the Guido Fawkes blog seems to have missed out on a bigger exclusive: a shock defection of a PPS from Conservatives to Labour. News of his defection will probably come as a surprise to Kawczynski, however, who is still labouring under the […]

Section mysteriously vanishes from letter to Prescott  Original letter contained slap-down for DCLG Top adviser confirms it was edited without permission Government attempts to explain why a sensitive letter from the UK’s most senior civil servant was altered without his knowledge had Guido Fawkes spinning for their mates over at DCLG earlier today. After a letter […]

There was a new addition to this year’s guest list for Labour’s summer press reception, where the usual crowd of perpetually thirsty lobby hacks were joined by Messrs Paul Staines and Harry Cole of Guido Fawkes fame. Ed Miliband’s five-minute chat with Guido — flanked by his press enforcer, ex-Mirror man Bob Roberts — is a marked […]