Having told their MPs they ‘could go off to supper’ until a vote at 10pm, a wrong-footed Tory whipping operation was then forced to drag them all back in again this evening to avoid a defeat by rebels on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The MPs recalled included David Cameron — who was dressed in white […]

Trouble for young Tories in Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham, with Conservative Future brazenly attempting to charge members a tenner each to vote at their own AGM. With the pant-wettingly exciting prospect of meeting local bore Greg Hands MP, antediluvian-sounding chairman Maxwell Woodger attempted to charge an entrance fee for the meeting. Cue complaints that this doesn’t actually comply […]

George Osborne’s parliamentary aide has been referred to Commons authorities after fees were charged to access parliament. Greg Hands is the subject of an official complaint after Scrapbook revealed tickets for a tour sponsored by the Chelsea and Fulham MP were sold on for profit. Conservative students flogged passes provided by Hands in apparent breach […]

Revelations that a Conservative campaign organisation profited by selling access to parliament brought angry denials from implicated Tory MP Greg Hands, who resorted to quoting gangsta rap lyrics at the Political Scrapbook team. Conservatives at Imperial College sold tickets for a “Houses of Parliament Tour with Greg Hands” — and while he did not benefit personally from the arrangement, […]

Our post on Greg Hands’ apparent involvement in charging for access to the parliamentary estate found the Tory MP demanding an apology from Political Scrapbook this week. And what better way for a middle-aged white man to chastise others than quoting the gangsta rapper Ice Cube: “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.” In a comment on this website, however, […]

It seems Tory MP Greg Hands has been implicated in charging for access to the Houses of Parliament. As disgraced Tory Jonathan Sayeed discovered, being linked to an organisation collecting a fee for a tour of the “mother of all parliaments” can land you in a whole lot of trouble. Indeed, the Speaker’s website states clearly […]