For those of you with too much sense to sign up for emails from the parties, here are the “thank you” emails dispatched by Gordon Brown and David Cameron (emphasis added): The past few days have seen us enter a political landscape not considered possible a few short weeks ago – with the outcome of […]

A reader has emailed this screengrab, showing that Gordon Brown’s inspirational speech to Citizens UK (view here) was number one on YouTube for some hours this week: This is Scrapbook’s second YouTube smash following Dave’s hairstyling moment live on Sky News. One to watch before you hit the #labourdoorstep!

Scrapbook will forgo the usual (attempts at) insight/wit and let the words speak for themselves: Wow. UPDATE 21:44 Now on third viewing of this. Genuine passion transcends campaigns. He’s so into it he doesn’t even stop for the clap lines. UPDATE 22:08 See also Anthony Painter’s post on Left Foot Forward.

No one knows what to do at the end of the debate. Gordon goes to chat to the audience while Cameron stays put and appears to yank Clegg back by the elbow! If you’re looking for the clip of Brown’s closing remarks which was here before, ITV have blocked it. Democracy: copyright ITV 2010?

Scrapbook got word that, on Saturday, PPCs had been briefed to expect Brown to visit the palace at around 3:30pm today. Although some very senior Labour people were, at some point over the last few days, working on the basis of an afternoon announcement, the thinking seem to have changed by Bank Holiday Monday with […]