Willie Bain, the new MP for Glasgow North East made his maiden speech earlier today. An edited video is available below. Bain used the opportunity to have a go at media stereotypes about Glasgow residents (in Scrapbook’s view a similar disservice is extended to most places north of Watford). Referring to  his new constituents, Bain said: While they […]

Apologies for the lack of blogging over the next 24-48 hours. Scrapbook is heading to bonnie Scotland to help out on polling day in Glasgow North East. In the meantime, why not sate yourself with this picture of Willie Bain on a digger. Will hopefully return with some decent tittle-tattle.

A whole load of fun has been injected into the Glasgow North East by-election with the addition of a new candidate to the fray. John Smeaton, who was catapulted to fame as the baggage handler who kicked ten shades of shit out assisted in the apprehension of a man who was on fire one of the Glasgow Airport […]