Less than 200 of 650 seats have a Lib Dem candidate Party needs to run two selections per day to fill them “Last minute parachuting” of candidates required From the latest edition of Liberator Magazine: It’s not all bad news on the selection front, however. In Portsmouth South the party have chosen as a candidate […]

A top Liberal Democrat boasted that Nick Clegg had offered Mike Hancock the “best deal possible” by allowing him to remain a full member of Portsmouth Lib Dems — despite growing evidence that he sexually exploited a vulnerable constituent, an exiled party member has claimed. Portsmouth councillor Eleanor Scott, who quit the party over the Hancock scandal and […]

Having ignored concrete evidence that Portsmouth Lib Dems were helping Mike Hancock’s campaign even after his behaviour was exposed, Nick Clegg and party president Tim Farron have finally stuck their heads above the parapet — promising a “review” which will examine “inappropriate behaviour” as well as wider allegations of bullying under the now deposed Lib Dem regime on […]

The former leader of Portsmouth City Council is plotting to succeed his friend Mike Hancock as MP for Portsmouth South despite heading up the local authority and Liberal Democrats while they perpetrated a massive cover up of the scandal. Cllr Gerald Vernon Jackson even dismissed the victim on TV by claiming that she was merely “trying to get some money”. […]

With a QC having found “compelling prima facie evidence” that Mike Hancock sexually harassed a vulnerable constituent, the Portsmouth MP and councillor was finally suspended from the Liberal Democrats after the confidential report was leaked — not that this has made much difference in practice. As reported by Scrapbook previously, Hancock, who denies the allegations: still attends Lib Dem […]

With alleged sex pest Mike Hancock forced to resign his cabinet role on Portsmouth City Council, the Portsmouth News have published a gushing commiseration letter from local Lib Dem leader Gerald Vernon Jackson: “I regret that recent circumstances have led to this position. You have always firmly denied the accusations against you but the English Party decided […]

Cravatted shambles Mike Hancock MP is somehow managing to hang on to his paid cabinet role on Portsmouth City Council — despite an outstanding allegation of sexually assaulting a vulnerable constituent and a report into claims of bullying (inter alia) finding he breached the council’s code of conduct. Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson presumably didn’t become the 22nd most […]