There’s only one story today … but George Galloway still finds the time for hypocrisy. Amongst the selection of anti-Thatcher messages selected for re-transmission by the Blackburn Bradford MP is the following: Sorry George, you were in the middle of re-tweeting something about “murderous dictators”? He is, indeed, indefatigable in his hypocrisy.

“Gorgeous” George Galloway went on a bit of an EDM-spree last Thursday, laying down six individual pieces of parliamentary graffiti in a single day. Galloway is a prodigious user of EDMs having been the primary sponsor of 77 of them in just over six months. But one of George’s less popular Early day motions caught Scrapbook’s eye this […]

George Galloway is hitting the headlines again after storming out of a debate with an Oxford student after he realised his opponent was an Israeli national:   Israel: simple, No recognition No normalisation. Just Boycott, divestment, sanctions. Like Apartheid SA. No Apartheid in Israel-Palestine. — George Galloway (@georgegalloway) February 21, 2013   If the above […]

Despite odd’s on Respect being slashed yesterday, there’s one major reason why George Galloway’s party doesn’t stand a chance in tomorrow’s Rotherham by-election — and it isn’t because their campaign office was still locked at 9:30 this morning (above). Some have correctly observed that George Galloway’s coup in Bradford marked “the beginning of the end of Labour’s […]

While imploring the voters of South Yorkshire to “respect yourself” and “respect Rotherham”, could it be that George Galloway’s party have a lack of respect for parking regulations? An eagle-eyed reader snapped their mobile ad van receiving some perhaps unwelcome attention from attendants. Currently trousering around £80,000 per year for presenting on Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen TV on top […]

Following on from claims in the latest New Statesman that George Galloway had converted to Islam ten years ago, the maverick Bradford West MP is apparently threatening to sue the magazine. The controversy over Galloway’s faith stems from the Bradford West by-election, in which leaflets were distributed strongly implying that he was more Muslim than Labour’s candidate Imran Hussain. […]

An interview with Jemima Khan in the latest New Statesman claims that George Galloway has converted to Islam: “George Galloway, MP for Bradford West, is a Muslim. He converted more than ten years ago in a ceremony at a hotel in Kilburn, north-west London, attended by members of the Muslim Association of Great Britain.” As Scrapbook reported previously, […]

Our Top Five most clicked stories of the last seven days were: Laurie Penny saved from speeding New York taxi – by Ryan Gosling George Galloway ‘I never drank alcohol’ claims to be disputed Brian Paddick publishes personal details along with accounts Boris Johnson escorted away from naked woman on dawn raid Now Boris challenged […]