In his speech to Labour conference setting out priorities for what would be his first budget, Ed Balls found time to reference his football encounter with the Northern Echo’s Rob Merrick: “Boris [is] scrambling back to Westminster, preparing to elbow David Cameron out of the way. But the less said about elbows today the better.” Boom boom.

“Half the people that work for me are spurs fans”, David Cameron told the BBC while predicting the results of this weekend’s Premier League fixtures. This includes one Andy Coulson, who no doubt gave Cameron some, erm, assistance with his punditry. The PM’s looming defeat against Mark Lawrenson is yet another departure from the script in a week where the disappointing results […]

David Cameron’s waxwork figure Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this week revealed the Your Freedom website, which allows voters to suggest which laws they would like to be repealed in an effort by the coalition to extend civil liberties. The first laws to be abolished are those of football. Mr Clegg said: “As creators of […]

Conor Pope casts his eye over (political) World Cup punditry. With Sunder Katwala, Alastair Campbell and John Redwood lacing up their boots it seems that World Cup fever, a particularly virulent sporting malaise, has infected the British political blogosphere. Attempts at sporting insight (not to mention metaphors) have resulted in varying degrees of success. The output of […]

“Get in their you mighty whites!” – and so BNP councillor Chris Beverley (@chrisbeverley ) celebrated a last gasp FA Cup equaliser for his beloved Leeds United. Notwithstanding the fact that Leeds played the fixture in their yellow away strip, the irony of someone with close links to Germany’s Nazi NPD using the phrase “might whites” is really […]