A council leader in one of the worst hit areas by the floods has responded to a residents’ questions on the crisis by blaming them (VIDEO): “If people want to live by the river, that’s up to them.” Spelthorne Borough resident Jason McCarthy had started to film councillor Robert Watts as he was walking off — […]

UPDATE: Tory spinners have been in touch to clarify: “The Votewatch listing that you cite refers to a recorded vote on Paragraph 2, part 3 of the resolution only. Therefore, the part of the resolution that Conservative MEPs voted against was this particular element”. However the Tories still abstained in the final vote — refusing to […]

With Environment Agency boss Chris Smith on the ropes after a disastrous visit (VIDEO) to flooded Somerset on Friday, Eric Pickles — the cabinet minister with responsibility for flood prevention — decided to make some smug comments before, errr, apologising himself: “I don’t see myself becoming the advocate of the ‘Save Chris Smith’ campaign or printing […]