A garage in Sheffield, forced to shut down after 16 years of trading, has erected a large fluorescent sign blaming George Osborne for the disappearance of custom since March. The UKIP-voting owner of Billy Boy Tyres, which is now emblazoned with the words “MEGA CLOSING DOWN SALE. THANKS GEORGE OSBORNE”, has no illusions as to who is […]

As a keen supporter of the “Irish Miracle” that “stands as a shining example of the art of the possible in long-term economic policymaking”, one can only speculate as to George Osborne’s reaction to the further 24 billion Euros pumped into the Irish Banking sector yesterday to prevent it from dragging the country even further into the economic […]

The non-party “voice of the people” on last night’s Question Time was Harvard historian Niall Ferguson. The pugnacious academic took the opportunity to indulge in the financial crisis blame game, yelling at Labour’s Ken Livingstone: “You messed up!” Did Neocon Niall somehow forget that he is an “Investment Managent Consultant” with the hedge fund GLG Partners founded by, […]

Having bailed out another tranche of financial institutions – this time across the Irish Sea – The Other TaxPayers’ Alliance wonder whether the private sector will show some love: In fact, Cowen and friends hope to cut the minimum wage while leaving Ireland’s bargain basement 12.5% corporation tax untouched. It’s business as usual then.

George Osborne’s previous remarks eulogising Ireland’s kamikaze economic policy have been reprised in the past month by Scrapbook and others. The chancellor wrote in The Times back in 2006 of the “Irish miracle” that  “stands as a shining example of the art of the possible in long-term economic policymaking”. As the UK stands poised to give Ireland […]

Notwithstanding the photoepilepsy-inducing graphics, this video setting ideological cuts against comments from economists David Blanchflower and Joseph Stiglitz, is well worth a watch on the day that Dr. Osborne will amputate billions from public spending: Writing on Comment Is Free this weekend, Blanchflower repeated that these cuts are “dogma over common sense”. Slamming the axing […]

UPDATE 18.36: Annoyingly, Guido is right on the economics (LFF overlooked figures released yesterday). Still got the Venn diagram wrong though! With a post entitled Economics for 7 Year Olds Guido clearly fancies himself as something of a primary school teacher. He attempts to use a set diagram to show that the UK is the […]