Following Scrapbook’s lead in revealing the Conservative Party’s enormous spending on Facebook (£114,000 last November), the BBC have got hold of the invoice for period covering the Clacton by-election: £122,000. Ross Hawkins reports: “An invoice from Facebook for November 2014 emerged last month [on Scrapbook]. The cost then was £114,956. Taken together they suggest the Conservatives […]

They’ve already been accused of trying to “buy the general election” by quietly raising the legal spending limit by £6.2 million to £32.7m in the face of concerns from the Electoral Commission over ‘undue influence’. The party has reportedly amassed a war chest of more than £70 million. So if you want a flavour of how much cash Tories could be splashing […]

Are your long-time-no-see school mates now paid up ‘kippers? Or are the kids you used to play football with EDL sympathisers? Using a quirk of Facebook you can find out using the links below provided you are ‘friends’ with them. It’s not at all stalkery, honest! UKIP British National Party Britain First (now the most popular British […]

With get-rich-quick internet spiv Grant Shapps in charge at Tory HQ, it should come as little surprise that they might shell out £7,500 for Facebook ads generating nearly 70,000 ‘likes’ for David Cameron on the social network. While this is slightly embarrassing, it would have been worse if Cameron had paid for completely fake followers from so-called ‘click farms’ […]

SIGN UP TO THE FACEBOOK PETITION BELOW The Tory who branded anti-cuts protesters a “collection of retards” has been subject to an official complaint from the mother of a disabled child. The Conservative leader on Hull City Council hit the headlines after Scrapbook exposed his rant against those viewing a council meeting in which 1,400 […]

What is it about Conservative Party and social media comedy gold? During the election they found their much vaunted Cash Gordon site redirected to pornography by hackers. Having finally got their hands on those red boxes, no sooner had they launched the Spending Challenge website than it became an unmoderated forum for racists to rant about “immergrants” […]

Retired to your Texas ranch with too much time on your hands? When you’re done “visiting 20 [US] states and 8 countries” why not while away the days (and spy on the cooler kids) with a dedicated cocaine Facebook addiction. Yes, Dubya has signed up for the world’s largest social networking site. For younger readers, perhaps this […]

Earlier this week the Tories got all social meeja on us with a Facebook Q&A session entitled “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask George Osborne” “George Osborne answers your questions on the economy”: The idea was that the great unwashed enter questions using the Conservatives’ Facebook page which […]