So apparently Nigel Farage is running Britain’s foreign policy. Frightened witless by the rise of UKIP, the Tories’ Brussels contingent have now abstained from the vote to approve the new European commission in a massive snub to their own candidate, former Lords leader Jonathan Hill, and David Cameron — who just two days ago was applying pressure for […]

With his European Parliament group collapsing last week after it failed to retain MEPs from requisite seven different members states, can you guess who has come to Nigel Farage’s rescue? Spokesman for @EFDgroup @hermannkelly confirms that Polish MEP Robert Iwaszkiewicz will join the EP's eurosceptic faction. #EFDD — James Franey (@jamesfraney) October 20, 2014 Farage isn’t keen on […]

Pervy Mike Hancock’s brazen ‘business as usual’ approach has been underscored this week as he jets off on a jolly to the Council of Europe. The MP’s trip is the first such excursion since he claimed to be unwell back in January — missing a crucial meeting on 1,800 job losses at dockyards in his constituency — before magically […]

David Cameron’s nominee for the European Commission has been forced to announce the sale of his £375,000 shares in a lobbying group — just hours after Scrapbook highlighted a serious conflict of interest. NEW → Cameron's nominee for European commissioner holds shares in multiple EU lobbying firms — Political Scrapbook (@PSbook) July 16, 2014 .@David_Cameron You did […]

In what could be the Tories’ second high profile appointments cock-up this week, it turns out that David Cameron’s nominee for the UK’s next European commissioner owns shares in multiple EU lobbying firms. Before leading the House of Lords, Lord (Jonathan) Hill had an extremely lucrative career as a lobbyist, co-founding the public affairs outfit Quiller. He now has a stake in […]

With many Lib Dem MPs facing annihilation at the next general election, news reaches Scrapbook of a silver lining — with a candidate securing a landslide election victory with the support of 59% of eligible voters. Catherine Bearder — the Lib Dems’ only MEP — has been elected as the UK’s sole representative on a European committee which helps […]

UPDATE: Tory spinners have been in touch to clarify: “The Votewatch listing that you cite refers to a recorded vote on Paragraph 2, part 3 of the resolution only. Therefore, the part of the resolution that Conservative MEPs voted against was this particular element”. However the Tories still abstained in the final vote — refusing to […]

BNP leader Nick Griffin is taking 50 far-right supporters on a Christmas shopping trip to Strasbourg in December — using funding from the European Parliament. The move comes despite his foaming rhetoric against Europe and its institutions, which Griffin has repeatedly castigated for their “corruption and waste”. While the two-night excursion leverages funding which is available to […]

The lobby group Business for Britain — led by TaxPayers’ Alliance founder Matthew Elliot — have seized on findings that 46% of business leaders believe current single market regulations outweigh the benefits of the European Union. But what they are less keen to flag in the survey they commissioned from YouGov is the potential effect on the dole queue — with six […]

Wannabe Conservative Party leader Adam Afriyie’s seditious amendment to the European Union referendum bill continues to attract no support whatsoever from his colleagues, Tory blog the Blue Guerilla has reported. Looking to advance his challenge to Cameron on the back of backbench Euroscepticism, the Windsor MP had tabled an amendment to bring forward the date of a proposed EU […]