Theresa May sent a voter ID survey to the Conservatives’ email list his afternoon: “With less than six months until the election, it’s vital we know your views about our country and the issues that matter most to your family. But the home secretary was rather less interested in her colleagues’ views on the European […]

Having told their MPs they ‘could go off to supper’ until a vote at 10pm, a wrong-footed Tory whipping operation was then forced to drag them all back in again this evening to avoid a defeat by rebels on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The MPs recalled included David Cameron — who was dressed in white […]

You’ll need to pay close attention. At PMQs on 29 October David Cameron promised there would be a vote on the European Arrest Warrant — viewed by the usual suspects as a tentacle of a creeping EU superstate — before the Rochester and Strood by-election. When it came to the crunch in the last hour, however, Theresa May claimed that the […]