Can the DWP get anything right? With Universal Credit now delayed by two more years to 2019, it turns out that Iain Duncan Smith’s department can’t even answer basic questions about the scheme within a reasonable timescale: “The Department for Work and Pensions has indicated that it will not be possible to answer this question within the […]

Labour’s urgent question on Tory ministers’ grossly misleading Universal Credit claims set the scene for fiery Commons exchanges — with Speaker Bercow reprimanding shadow minister Chris Bryant (1:57 above) for effectively calling the DWP team liars: “There has been so much beating about the bush that it is beginning to feel that this house has been misled […]

Universal Credit is really on the ropes now — with the Public Accounts Committee forcing mandarins to admit that the Treasury hasn’t actually signed off on the project: “We shouldn’t beat about the bush: it hasn’t been signed off. What we’ve had is a set of conditional reassurances about progress and the Treasury have released money […]

Ministers have been told they are “in denial” after a series of charities told a committee that the government’s harsh new benefits regime is driving food bank use. Written submissions from bodies such as Oxfam and Barnardos to a Scottish Parliament committee, whose report on food banks is published today,  emphasise DWP’s culpability.  But heartless employment minister Esther McVey still claimed three weeks ago that there […]

No sooner has Esther McVey been promoted to minister for employment than she is accused Tory campaigning using taxpayers’ money.  With a slim thin majority of 2,436 in her Wirral West constituency, the former GMTV presenter faces a probe by the Standards Commission after she sent out a highly political survey — apparently using envelopes, postage and […]