A Tory MP has threatened to pour petrol on the glowing embers of the Birmingham schools ‘Trojan Horse’ row — by invoking Enoch ‘Rivers of Blood’ Powell. In a letter to a constituent seen by Scrapbook, Sir Gerald Howarth — the chairman of Thatcherite group Conservative Way Forward — writes: “Clearly, the arrival of so many people of […]

When David Cameron promoted Daniel Hannan as the party’s law spokesperson in the European Parliament he must have hoped it would bring an end to damaging gaffes about abolishing the NHS and how great Enoch Powell is. But apparently not. “Barack Obama has an exotic background, and it would be odd if some people weren’t unsettled by […]

During an interview with an online outfit of the libertarian Reason Foundation, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has cited Enoch “rivers of blood” Powell as a primary political influence. Hannan wasn’t referring to immigration but to cite Powell without qualification in this way, in the words of Paul Waugh, may “cause a few twitches in CCHQ”. […]