The leader of the English Defence League has announced support for UKIP, urged “nationalist” parties such as the BNP not to stand against them and have started to promoting Nigel Farage videos and events on their Facebook page. Talking to the Backbencher blog, convicted violent thug Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) said of UKIP: “they are saying exactly what we say, […]

The English Defence League has gone to great lengths to disguise the seam of fascism running through its ranks, even engaging in the ostentatious burning of swastikas at organised rallies. But the true sympathies of EDL organisers were been laid bare today after administrators of their official Facebook page were caught out signing messages with “88” – Nazi […]

More than thirty people were arrested in Manchester today during rival demonstrations between the so-called English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism. 2,000 people took part in the protests, which saw police in riot gear chasing groups of protesters around Piccadilly Gardens. Still too many undertones of “let’s have a ruck with the nazis” at […]