Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign has enlisted cricketing help in the fight against Tuesday’s emergency budget, encouraging “hundreds of people” to email 2005 Ashes hero Simon Jones: Speaking exclusively to Scrapbook, Jones said: “It was flattering to be contacted by Ed’s team regarding the budget. The 25% cuts for DCMS will see many sporting initiatives, such as […]

In his first post for Political Scrapbook, Nathan Trout casts a wry eye over a meeting of coalition minds. Former Labour councillor Vince Cable is oftentimes rumoured to be one of the more uneasy members of the coalition, not entirely comfortable with the Tories’ cuts and small state agenda. One would imagine that he would […]

Never has the adage that David Cameron uses his Liberal Democrat colleagues as human shields been so true. Expanding the repertoire of parliamentary choreography, Osborne has not only been “doughnuted” by Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander but completely obscures the prime minister from the main TV camera in the Commons chamber. Peek-a-boo! Cameron is seated directly behind Gideon and […]

Notwithstanding the photoepilepsy-inducing graphics, this video setting ideological cuts against comments from economists David Blanchflower and Joseph Stiglitz, is well worth a watch on the day that Dr. Osborne will amputate billions from public spending: Writing on Comment Is Free this weekend, Blanchflower repeated that these cuts are “dogma over common sense”. Slamming the axing […]