EDL leader Tommy Robinson has compared his history of violence with Nelson Mandela’s struggle for freedom in South Africa. Challenged by Scrapbook over his own convictions after a prominent EDL activist was jailed for attempted arson of a mosque, Robinson suggested the Nobel Peace Prize laureate had a “far worse” record than he did: The message follows on […]

Mass-murderer Anders Breivik got in touch with two BNP council candidates just days before he killed 77 people in Norway’s worst ever peacetime attack. West Midlands BNP candidates Phillip Kimberley and Lee Millard were both included in an email from Breivik in the week of the Norway atrocity. Their BNP regional organiser Alwyn Deacon admitted: […]

Whilst suspended Conservative councillor Blaine Robin tries desperately to disown the English Defence League, the far-right organisation has jumped to his defence. Reports have emerged that the EDL’s Essex organiser, who was recently sighted alongside hardline neo-Nazi Eddie Stamton, has called for members nationwide to converge on the seaside town to protest Cllr Robin’s suspension […]

Having spent days wishing the growing scandal would just go away, Southend-on-Sea Conservatives have now suspended Cllr Blaine Robin over his links to the far right English Defence League. Scrapbook revealed on Monday that the councillor had attended an organising meeting for the EDL’s controversial Tower Hamlets demonstration at which 60 people were arrested. But […]

The face of the Conservative Party’s official “Become a Councillor” campaign is an EDL sympathiser who attended an organising meeting for their controversial Tower Hamlets demonstration, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Cllr Blaine Robin was publicly praised by EDL leader Tommy Robinson for his presence at the meeting in Southend-On-Sea. The gathering of EDL organisers included leaders of all […]

As the death toll rises in the wake of the rampage which left scores dead in Norway, details are emerging of killer Anders Breivik’s attempts to foster links with far-right groups across Europe — including the English Defence League. The EDL have responded with sickening claims that Norwegian authorities are party to a conspiracy to disguise the […]

An incongruous vision of inherited privilege was prominent amongst the working class core of English Defence League supporters this weekend. Policed by 1,900 officers at a cost of £1 million, the image of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a common sight throughout the crowds at this Saturday’s EDL march in Blackburn. But Scrapbook is far from convinced the […]

If you haven’t seen the video of a protester talking about why he was at an EDL march yet – you should. Below are extracts of the  confused rhetoric that has made it a YouTube hit with more than 150,000 views. “I’m here to protest right … err … I’m going on a march because I […]

Perhaps our memory is playing tricks, but Scrapbook can’t recall seeing any pride flags at English Defence League events. Yesterday, however, saw EDL joint-leader Tommy Robinson (above) casting himself as an unlikely ally of the LGBT community. Interviewed by Sky News about a prospective ban on the visit of Muslim-hating pastor Terry Jones to the […]