Pictures of EDL members posing with submachine guns and his own two convictions for assault don’t deter Tommy Robinson from his Through-the-Looking-Glass fantasy of a peaceful, non-racist street protest movement: “If we get the chance to show that we are non-violent, their whole picture of us an evil force will crumble” We only need look to […]

Last week the Barnsley Chronicle published an article about a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts who had been assaulted after returning from a tour of duty: “A Barnsley soldier was attacked in the street, knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stamped and kicked in the face and head – just hours after getting home.” […]

An EDL supporter has claimed he has “lost everything” after threatening to burn down a mosque. 27 year-old Steven Ballard complained to magistrates that he had been sacked from his job and dumped by his girlfriend for suggesting that Grimbsy Mosque should be set alight — just three days before other racists did precisely that. Convicted of […]

UPDATE: The little girl won’t lose out — the charity are reimbursing the EDL money for her campaign from the charity’s central funds. Full statement below. One of the UK’s leading children’s cancer charities are refunding money donated by EDL supporters after leader Tommy Robinson used the plight of a two year-old girl as a political […]