Internet Service Providers already screen the web for child pornography, but Minister of Culture Ed Vaizey is in talks to set up a great national firewall. It would mean that ISPs would automatically filter out “inappropriate” content and users would be required to contact their provider to turn off the filter. Scrapbook wonder if people will […]

The images above depict the moment when culture minister Ed Vaizey – presumably fancying a bit of bling – tries on a £95,000 Bronze Age bracelet only to be scolded by British Museum staff. Assistant treasure registrar Caroline Barton explained to the gaffe-prone MP that he should wear gloves. Vaizey was at the museum to announce 15% cuts […]

In the best traditions of British ska, Liberal Conspiracy have posted this music video attacking the Tories (and Liberals). The visuals may be helpful to Ed Vaizey’s understanding of the song, as John Robb of punk band Goldblade explains: In the late seventies the 2-Tone movement combined ska and punk with a celebration of left wing idealogy that culminated […]

It must be Friday: Sky have published their top-10 “hottest MPs” based on polling from the previous four years (alas without pictures). Burnham and Flint fly the flag for Labour but the eleven finalists (including tied placed) include six Tories and three Lib Dems. A former council leader’s description of John Prescott as “divinely sexy” impressed […]