Ed Miliband’s plan to cap consumer energy costs until a new regulator can be introduced has gone down well at the Telegraph, from which a top Centrica shareholder complains of “Economic vandalism”. The online coverage follows a front page lead story scaremongering about “power shortages” — AKA the lights going out. So it’s a good job paper […]

With Ed Miliband planning a crackdown on the big money second jobs undertaken by many MPs, there’s no time to waste for members wishing to top up their meagre £66,396 salary. So it’s lucky for David Blunkett that he had already joined the advisory board of a City wealth management firm earlier in the week. Oracle Capital provide […]

With Obama’s ambitions for bipartisanship faltering during the course of his first term, perhaps he is now looking to practice this further afield? The US president seems to have synthesised Ed Miliband’s One Nation theme with David Cameron’s “in this together” refrain in recent campaign trail speeches: President Obama: “We’re all in this together. We […]

Tories and hacks from right-wing papers are queuing up to praise Ed’s “no notes” speech to Labour conference in Manchester — they’ve even cracked open the Tony Blair comparisons: The Sun’s Tom Newton Dunn had an idea what was coming: I’ve had a whiff of the main line in Ed’s speech; and it’s clever. Prepare […]