Releasing a graphic referencing the (false) claims that Ed Miliband colluded to avoid inheritance tax on his father’s estate, the Kippers have decided to claim they have a “zero tolerance” stance on tax avoidance: “UKIP has a zero tolerance approach to tax avoidance, no matter how important you think you are. Perhaps someone should let their party […]

Among the most ridiculous claims from those totally impartial business leaders backing the Tories was that Ed Miliband risked “stifling debate” by pointing out that Boots boss Stefano Pessina (above) is a Monegasque tax avoider. City grandee and Conservative Party donor Nigel Rudd: “Making personal attacks on people stifles debate – it makes people think twice about voicing their opinions. “We should […]

‘Red Ed’ was one of the principle anti-Miliband attack lines of the first two years of this parliament — a shorthand for his predilection, claimed by opponents of the Labour leader,  for regulating and/or nationalising anything that moves. And did you hear hear that his dad was a Marxist? Discussing “whether you actually have economic powers and resources” […]

Rejoice! Ed Miliband has “JUST ANNOUNCED” votes at 16 year-olds during his #LeadersLive debate with Bite The Ballot: JUST ANNOUNCED: A Labour government will give 16 year olds the vote #LeadersLive #YesEd — The Labour Party (@UKLabour) December 8, 2014 Just announced … apart from that time a free vote on the issue was in […]

The appearance of Myleene Klass alongside Ed Miliband on ITV’s The Agenda has the right-wing media pretending that shouting in the Labour leader’s face about ‘fiscal drag’ and ‘taxing glasses of water’ counts as embarrassing for anyone other than the pampered pop singer/TV presenter: Chief amongst Klass’ gripes was mansion tax. Apparently spending £2 million […]

Interesting to see Help For Heroes (registered charity number 1120920) being used by The Sun (£) this morning as a prop in the newspaper’s battle with the Labour Party. Indeed, when the EDL tried to raise money for the veterans’ organisation, a spokesman stated: “It’s the same for any political party … As a charity, we’re non-political.” Charities […]

A brilliant spot from the Telegraph’s Matthew Holehouse: Miliband’s delivery doesn’t match up with the online version. Weird: three paragraphs about the deficit and debt interest in release of Miliband's speech were never actually delivered. Did he forget? — Matthew Holehouse (@mattholehouse) September 23, 2014 Scrapbook actually makes it nine paragraphs — including key messages on […]