A pensioner has launched an e-petition against the government issuing a de-facto tax rise against the elderly. Arthur Streatfield’s appeal, currently with 28 signatures, demands the government “take immediate action to reverse the decisions on these allowances”: “We consider that at a time when pensioners are struggling to make ends meet and yet are a group […]

The 170,000-signature petition against the Health Bill will be debated in Parliament next Tuesday — two weeks after MPs refused to allocate it time. Despite huge backing for the online appeal, the Backbench Business Committee attempted to block discussion in the Commons despite having 70% more signatures than is required. Secured under pressure from Andy Burnham, […]

The e-petition calling on the Government to drop its Health and Social Care Bill has now reached 139,400 signatures to become the second most popular campaign on Number 10’s official petition site — having already passed the 100,000 milestone to qualify for a debate in the House of Commons. Overtaking a petition on immigration and a call for […]

Despite the controversy and hype surrounding it, it looks highly likely that Guido Fawkes’ e-petition to restore capital punishment will be struck off due to lack of signatures. Launched in the summer with accompanying coverage in the national media, the right-wing campaign planned to restore hanging as the magical panacea for society’s ills — despite the punishment’s terrible track […]

After the e-petition to restore the death penalty slipped out of the Top 10, those behind it seem to have responded with an advertisement offensive. Spotted on the website of right-wing blogger Guido Fawkes, an animated GIF invokes the murder of Joanna Yeates to drive sign-ups for the petition. It seems the fearsome blogger may have confused the […]

The petition to restore the death penalty spearheaded by Guido Fawkes has flopped out of the top ten on the government’s official e-petitions site. Despite widespread media coverage, the appeal is currently languishing at #12 with around 22,192 signatures — some 77,708 short of the 100,000 needed to prompt a possible parliamentary debate on the subject. […]

Moments ago, a government e-petition calling for the release of documents on the 1989 Hillsborough disaster became the second to reach the threshold of 100,000. The milestone means the issue will likely be debated in the House of Commons, pending approval by the Backbench Business Committee. The government is appealing a decision by the Information Commissioner that […]

Doubtless to the chagrin of Guido Fawkes, whose e-petition on the return of the capital punishment has been pushed extensively in the mainstream media, the first to meet the threshold for a possible debate in parliament calls not for the darkly euphemistic “restoration of justice” but for convicted rioters to be stripped of benefits they may […]