Ahead of his speech today in Castle Point, Essex, Nigel Farage praised the UKIP candidate in the seat, Jamie Huntman, as a “straight-talking guy” who works as a “timber merchant”. Mr Huntman styles himself as simply a local businessman and has slammed politicians who have previously worked in politics saying they “do not actually live […]

With UKIP defector Mark Reckless’ comments on forced repatriation, it is perhaps less surprising that he has already received a public endorsement from the leader of the country’s fastest growing far-right movement, Britain First. Addressing a rally through a megaphone, Paul Golding claimed he would “have the last laugh” when the “patriotic right-wing MP” Reckless was elected. And […]

Tory toff Jacob Rees Mogg has been in talks with the treasurer of UKIP — plotting to block government policy using the courts. The Telegraph reports that millionaire Stuart Wheeler met with the Somerset MP in the Commons over plans to bring a judicial review against the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant. Rees Mogg has already […]

Cheers for new Heywood and Middleton MP McInnes — but none whatsoever for ‘Kipper Carswell. Contrary to briefing earlier in the day, Lib Dem MP Bob Russell had his role downgraded, standing at the back as Carswell was introduced by Tory Peter Tapsell instead. Was he leant on by his party? Douglas Carswell tells me […]

Parliament is back — now counting the first elected UKIP MP among its number.  And Douglas Carswell has found two sufficiently independent-minded MPs to ‘introduce’ him to the chamber — in the form of Zac ‘MP recall’ Goldsmith and (Sir) Bob Russell. This is due to happen shortly after Home Office questions. Having taken the Manor of Northstead on 28 […]

With wannabe ‘Kipper MP Douglas Carswell apparently scarpering across the aisle with Clacton Conservative Association’s voter ID — information on local residents’ voting intentions — a locksmith was in luck: Am told apparently they had to change the locks at Clacton Conservative Association. Too many had keys who "might jump ship" — Giles Dilnot (@reporterboy) September […]

Douglas Carswell’s reputation as a straight talker has been somewhat strained by the scrutiny attendant to the Clacton by-election: He claimed that his local Tory party membership had increased by 40% — even though revenue from membership has dropped by the same proportion since 2010. His campaign predicted a “mass exodus” of members from Clacton Conservative Association — before just six people defected […]

Douglas Carswell quit for UKIP on the last Thursday in August. From the local paper splash exactly a week later the local Tory association looked to be collapsing: UKIP claims there has been a “mass exodus” of Tory party activists to it following the defection of Clacton MP Douglas Carswell. Conservative Party members have jumped […]

Six days ago, UKIP’s tough-talking former candidate for Clacton, Roger Lord, was refusing to stand down to make way for “arrogant” Douglas Carswell: “I’ve been through dangerous situations in Pakistan and South America, and you negotiate them: I’ve had a 16-year-old shove a machine gun up my nose in Nicaragua. I’ve faced bigger threats from real killers, and if […]