With pressure building on David Ruffley, the Tory MP who accepted a caution for assaulting his partner, what better person to investigate the matter than new chief whip, Michael Gove. Errrr … This from last November: “Women’s Aid is challenging statements made by Michael Gove in a speech on reforms to social care which, it […]

Consistency is not the strong suit of former Tory deputy chairman Michael Fabricant. In the wake of a particularly fearsome encounter between Rod Liddle and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on Channel 4 News, Fabbers had this to say: And here he is holding a sign saying “real men don’t hit women”: Real men don’t joke about hitting women […]

Domestic violence victims pay Bedroom Tax for ‘safe room’ 280 homes with special secure areas hit with hated charge MP bids to change rules with Commons motion With domestic violence victims up there with kidney dialysis patients in having specialist facilities deemed to be ‘spare’ bedrooms — an MP is bidding to exempt ‘safe rooms’ […]

Cock-up means disabled and domestic violence victims must pay Lord Freud promised to fix error “at the earliest opportunity” But ministers U-turn because it “would would be embarrassing“ The government has broken a pledge to exempt many disabled people and victims of domestic violence from the Bedroom Tax on the basis that introducing such dispensations […]

The former mayor of Southwark has compared domestic violence with smacking — and refused to apologise after claiming that some see “benefits” in the crime. Cllr Columba Blango, who is a colleague of Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes and represents the ward neighbouring his house, has shocked colleagues with his views on the subject: “It’s […]