One of the most remarked elements of Cameron’s conference keynote was the ‘angry’ section, in which he invoked the experience of NHS care for his disabled son, who tragically died in February 2009. Attacking what he called “complete and utter lies” promulgated at Labour conference last week, the PM jutted his jaw and grimaced: “I just think: HOW […]

With Guido Fawkes publishing pictures of a blue badge holder’s car deliberately blocked in at both ends by UKIP placards in Newark … Hi @oflynndirector. Will UKIP be issuing apology to disabled driver your activists blocked in? — Political Scrapbook (@PSbook) June 4, 2014 … perhaps its worth remembering that Nasty Nigel has […]

A committee of MPs has blasted cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith and Tory chairman Grant Shapps for contributing to “negative views” of disabled people. The pair both played central roles in abuses of statistics designed to attack welfare claimants. In a report released today, the DWP select committee states: “The Government is doing a great deal […]

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights has slammed the DWP over changes to disability benefits, saying Iain Duncan Smith’s department broke the law with a botched consultation after trying to cover up negative responses from the public. In a letter to disability minister Maria Miller (below), the Committee backs the Spartacus report, produced by disability […]