There can surely be no better marker of the importance of the election than the Tories’ plan to show carers, the severely disabled and terminally ill no mercy in their new round of benefit cuts. But don’t worry — the Labour Party are going to defend the vulnerable by asking the Tories nicely. With sugar on top and everything:

Accused of “pointing at immigrants and the disabled and holding his nose” on Question Time last night, Farage retorted that he “never has” criticised people with disabilities. Yeah, Nige. Apart from in that manifesto policy document which was mysteriously deleted from the UKIP website last year. The party claimed that 75% of incapacity benefit claimants “are fit and […]

The political future of DWP minister Lord Freud hangs in the balance this afternoon — after Labour ambushed the Tories with a recording in which he suggests that disabled people are “not worth the full [minimum] wage”. The details were released just before PMQs — with Miliband duly challenging David Cameron to sack the millionaire minister. […]

A woman with cerebral palsy and a weak bladder was forced to wet herself in the middle of a packed Jobcentre — because the facility does not have a disabled toilet and staff refused to use their discretion to allow her to use restricted on-site facilities. Rebecca Weston told the Wimbledon Guardian how she pleaded with an adviser at the facility […]