A furious Diane Abbot pops up at PMQs to raise the case of desperate residents facing a £14,000 annual hike in their rent after the country’s richest MP bought a stake in their properties. With Tory Richard Benyon’s family company buying into the New Era estate in East London, up to 90 families could be left facing eviction. Tenants […]

After Scrapbook published details of a Tory MP’s High Court legal action to block an honour for Nelson Mandela, Bob Blackman responds by telling Twitter he is “proud” of himself: With the move to award Mandela the ‘freedom of the borough’ backed by both Labour and Liberal Democrat groups in Brent, Blackman has a brass neck attempting […]

With a growing media culture of obligation around the wearing of poppies and the observance of armistice day, Scrapbook can’t imagine Labour front bencher Diane Abbott was too pleased with herself after re-tweeting a YouGov poll during today’s two minutes silence. British Gas’ new media team also decided to commemorate 11/11/11 by tweeting a “winter warmer […]

Ed Miliband is the favoured candidate of LGBT Labour members, according to an exclusive poll by Pink News. Despite having the backing of high profile Labour gays like Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant, as well as many prominent LGBT activists, David Miliband is 11-points behind his younger brother. The news comes after the elder Miliband was […]

Diane Abbott has followed Ed Balls to become the last leadership hopeful to launch their website. With parts of the site unfinished, however, the launch seems somewhat premature. In a message  to 80,000 members on Labour’s email list, Abbott says “If you want to know more, you can visit my website www.diane4leader.co.uk“. But at the time of writing the “About Me” […]

UPDATE: It’s official, she’s on the ticket. David Miliband reportedly spent the morning on the phone persuading MPs to nominate her. UPDATE II: Abbott secured 10 of McDonnell’s 16 supporters (shown in red below). McDonnell’s supporters failing to nominate her are Martin Caton, Jim Dowd, Frank Field, Dai Harvard, Ian Lavery and Graeme Morrice. Supporters of […]