A Lib Dem has been convicted of stealing from the Poppy Appeal charity but is set to remain a councillor because he was only sentenced to community service. Yeovil councillor Peter Brock — pictured above with Yeovil MP and schools minister David Laws — admitted trousering £1,231 as chairman of the Royal British Legion’s local branch. Cllr […]

The Liberal Democrats have backed the so-called ‘crack cocaine’ of high street gambling, fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) which allow players to bet £100 per spin every 20 seconds — that’s £18,000 per hour. The vote on the obscure secondary legislation took place quietly in Committee Room 9 earlier today — despite promises from senior Lib Dems […]

While Orange Book-er David Laws is highly rated by David Cameron and George Osborne, it seems not all Tories are pleased to see him return to government. Writing on his website, South Dorset MP Richard Drax moans: “He intentionally broke the rules on expenses and rightly resigned only a few days into the Coalition Government. He should have […]

As the cabinet reshuffle rolls onwards, keeping the Westminster journalist pack busy on a Tuesday morning, Paul Waugh reports an interesting tidbit from yesterday’s House of Commons sitting: Labour wag Steve Pound yday heckled Teather in Commons, singing “You’re getting sacked in the morning…” Sadly, not in Hansard — Paul Waugh (@paulwaugh) September 4, 2012 […]

On the evening of 10 May, Political Scrapbook revealed the length of David Laws’ suspension from the Commons some twelve hours before the mainstream media. This evening, two weeks after Laws completed his 7-day enforced holiday, we received a letter from the Committee on Standards and Privileges asking for details of “the background to the reporting […]

Tories Zac Goldsmith and Louise Bagshawe are topping a poll of the most attractive members of parliament. The website SexyMP.co.uk displays pictures of two randomly selected MPs, with visitors encouraged to click on the lawmaker they prefer. Scrapbook is sad to report that Conservatives dominate in both male and female categories. While Mandelson’s pal Tristram Hunt and […]