A former Liberal Democrat council candidate is under investigation by police after Political Scrapbook exposed a series of vicious Islamophobic comments on his Facebook page. The probe into the so-called “Redcar racist”, Dave Stones, comes after a concerted effort by Nick Clegg’s office and party HQ to ignore the issue. Scrapbook revealed Mr Stones’ comments last month, when […]

The Liberal Democrats have lost a previously safe council seat after Political Scrapbook published a series of shocking islamophobic comments from their candidate. Dave Stones’ sick remarks came to light two weeks ago and were resolutely ignored by Lib Dem senior leadership despite overwhelming criticism from a host of anti-racism institutions. Although appearing on leaflets, […]

Yet another leading campaign group has called on Nick Clegg to take action over Islamophobic comments made by a Liberal Democrat council candidate. Following in the footsteps of organisations such as Muslim Council of Britain, Hope Not Hate and Coexist Foundation, the director of Operation Black Vote (OBV) has piled pressure on the Deputy Prime […]

A leaked email reveals that Nick Clegg’s office are aware of vile Islamophobic remarks by a Liberal Democrat candidate but are doing nothing because they are “carrying on with the by-election”. The message from a Liberal Democrat close to the scandal (sent to Scrapbook via our tips form) shows Dave Stones’ rants — including suggesting a topless bar and […]

Teeside MP Ian Swales has been stonewalling all requests for comment after a string of shocking remarks by a Liberal Democrat colleague led to a race row. Now we know why. Swales, who represents Redcar, has appeared on campaign literature proudly supporting the by-election candidate who Scrapbook last week exposed for a series of vile Islamophobic comments on […]

Pressure is growing on Liberal Democrat politicians to comment on a growing scandal after the Sunday Sun — a regional paper in the North East — picked up Scrapbook’s exclusive on Islamophobic comments by a Liberal Democrat council candidate. Dave Stones, who is running in a by-election in Redcar, wrote that a pork restaurant and topless bar should […]

Liberal Democrats across the North East have gone into hiding over Islamophobic comments from one of their own candidates, with the local MP, MEP and chair of the regional party refusing to say whether they still support the so-called “Redcar racist” Dave Stones, who ranted that a topless bar and pork restaurant should be built […]

A Liberal Democrat candidate has refused to apologise for a series of shocking Islamophobic comments. Sick Dave Stones suggested a pork restaurant and a topless bar — named after Islam’s holiest city — should be build next to a mosque. The would-be councillor, who is the party’s candidate for a by-election in Redcar and Cleveland on 19 […]