Bad news for Danny Alexander over at the Lib Dems’ leading grassroots website today, where a survey of members  reveals more of them want David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and William Hague in the cabinet than Beaker. With a September reshuffle looming, it looks like beleaguered party supporters don’t fancy another 18 months of Alexander spinning their […]

Nearly half of Tory activists think the Prime Minister is costing the party votes, according to ConservativeHome — but the leading grassroots website still won’t reveal his standing in the cabinet league table. Yesterday, Scrapbook revealed Cameron’s had been quietly airbrushed out after previous poll results showed his popularity plummeting. The site has now released some damning numbers this […]

Rather than work on contingencies in the event that Greek voters rejected the country’s EU-IMF bailout deal last Saturday, chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander instead opted to party with his former colleagues — from a campaign for Britain to enter the single European currency. With Greeks poised to go to the polls in an election […]

When a “Ladies & Gants [sic]” fabric stall from Pakistan goes in search of a British fashion icon for their hoardings, there can only ever be one winner. Step aside Beckham and Brosnan, Wazir Tailors of Islamabad proudly boast the image of Westminster style guru, errr, Danny Alexander. This is nearly as good as the “Ken Livingstone […]

It appears that Treasury spinners may have told BBC producers that Danny Alexander would not debate with Ed Balls on Newsnight. With his department stewarding the economy back into recession, Alexander did not engage directly with the shadow chancellor late yesterday — despite being one of the most senior figures in the government with an annual salary […]

George Osborne’s right-hand patsy Danny Alexander was heckled by his own delegate this afternoon as he accused Gordon Brown of “unsustainable spending”. Having begun his conference speech with a tribute to his grandfather Andrew Sturgess, however, he would surely be able to rely on a fulsome review from the nonagenarian, who joined the historic Liberal […]