Though the move has been expected since October, Nick Clegg is due to officially sack Vince Cable as the Lib Dems’ economy spokesman tomorrow. Writing for the Speccie, ex-Lib Dem hack Charlotte Henry notes that Cable’s demotion at the expense of a leadership rival (Danny Alexander) could indicate that ‘Saint Vince’ is a political gonner: “That team Clegg feel confident enough […]

There has always been an element of cognitive dissonance to the Lib Dems’ collaboration with the Tories but Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander really outdid himself this afternoon, telling World At One: “We haven’t made any changes to tax rates in this parliament” listen to ‘Danny Alexander forgets 50p tax rate cut’ on audioBoom Yeah. No […]

Panic — and apparent confusion — looks to be setting into Lib Dem ranks over the prospect of Danny Alexander losing his Highlands seat to the SNP next year. Having carried George Osborne’s bags for nearly five years, a senior party strategist has briefed the Telegraph that an expected “anti-Danny” backlash could make his Inverness-area seat very hard to […]

As Michael Crick observed earlier this week, a private constituency poll is a substantial donation-in-kind which should be declared as an interest by any MP lucky enough to receive one: Presumably Vince Cable was about to declare on right registers the gift of a expensive poll in Twickenham from his friend Matthew Oakeshott — Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick) May […]

With George Osborne’s sidekick deleting a tweet after realising it referenced a poll showing he stood to lose his seat in 2015 yesterday, Danny Alexander’s office had already released a statement trashing ICM and claiming that a “projection” in his local paper is more reliable: “This deeply flawed poll is in stark contrast to the projection published last week […]

The Liberal Democrats have backed the so-called ‘crack cocaine’ of high street gambling, fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) which allow players to bet £100 per spin every 20 seconds — that’s £18,000 per hour. The vote on the obscure secondary legislation took place quietly in Committee Room 9 earlier today — despite promises from senior Lib Dems […]