With Scrapbook’s report of a Tory councillor checking share prices in a meeting about mental health cuts going viral yesterday, another shameful picture has emerged from the same council session. In a snap taken from the public gallery of Kensington Town Hall, Boris Johnson’s aviation adviser Daniel Moylan can be seep playing backgammon on his […]

Kensington and Chelsea Council has spent thousands of pounds couriering paperwork to a Conservative Councillor’s holiday home in, erm, Thailand. The Tory-dominated council wasted £4,100 shipping materials 8,000 miles on the basis that they “include large maps which are best looked at on paper”. Scrapbook can’t help recounting this tale from Liberal Democrat tech guru Mark Pack, given […]

Boris Johnson has doubled the wage of a key ally to make him the highest paid councillor in the country. Daniel Moylan’s taxpayer-funded salary has jumped £55,000 to £131,597 after Boris approved a gigantic increase in his pay packet as London’s three-day-weekend deputy transport chief. Moylan’s pay bump sees him beat the previous record held […]