The European Parliament has launched an investigation after a British MEP was forcefully ejected from the media enclosure the Dale Farm. Last week, Scrapbook brought you photographic evidence (inset above) of Labour’s Richard Howitt being removed from the press area at the behest of control freaks from Basildon Council. While giving Conservative MP John Baron […]

Looking backwards to plead with officials, the blurry image above shows the moment that a member of the European Parliament was forcefully ejected from the media area at Dale Farm by Basildon Council. Richard Howitt, who had been working towards a negotiated settlement and had criticised the Council’s handling of the issue, was prevented from conducting […]

Official materials from the bailiffs tasked with the removal of residents from Dale Farm travellers’ site in Essex refers to gypsies using the pejorative term “pikeys”, Scrapbook can reveal. The word, which has been viewed by British courts as racist, appears in a list of phrases used by Constant & Company to drive traffic to their website. Described […]