An embittered former Tory councillor has launched an astonishing tirade against “dumb” residents in her ward who refused to vote for her party last Thursday. Clare George-Hilley, who stood down as a candidate but was still heavily involved in campaigning in Waddon ward, started by admonishing ungrateful locals on Twitter: But Clare saved her full ire for what she presumed […]

With UKIP’s latest attempt to show they aren’t bigots taking the form of a multi-racial carnival in South London, the chaos, hilarity and ultimate failure of the event has overshadowed the grossly offensive reason given for Nigel Farage not showing up. When it became apparent that the Dear Leader had fled South London, candidate and event organiser Winston Mackenzie […]

The Tory mayor of a London borough, Eddy Arram, may now be facing a de-selection battle — after he ejected a member of the public from an official viewing gallery after they refused to stand for Margaret Thatcher at a council meeting. Inside Croydon reports: “Arram began the meeting by calling for a minute’s silence in memory […]