The former British ambassador and connoisseur of Tashkent strip clubs Craig Murray famously stood against Jack Straw in the 2005 general election. Apparently still consumed with bitterness towards his former boss, Murray again weighed into the recent contest in Blackburn, backing an apparently “credible and impressive” independent candidate and even travelling to Lancashire to speak at an election event. […]

Oh, dear. It turns out Scrapbook spoke too soon.  In a blog post entitled “I’ll be back” our favourite former mandarin has promised to return: “Thanks for all the messages of support, encouragement and rude exhortation. In the process of pulling myself together, and hopefully this blog will get campaigning again in about a week.” […]

Former British ambassador Craig Murray has come to a realisation: “I am afraid that the result of Norwich North by-election has severely dented my appetite for blogging.” You almost feel sorry for him. Whether or not he was “shafted” by New Labour, Murray now recognises that his chosen strategy for raising the profile of human […]

This weekend Scrapbook chanced across a series of comedy shorts entitled The Former Ambassador Robert Thornton. The theme lyrics are as follows: “I used to be an ambassador, then I got fired from work. Now I live in a caravan.” Remind you of anyone?  Replace the caravan bit with being an intellectually dishonest Labour-obsessed conspiracy […]

Much to the chagrin of Mike Smithson, Craig Murray was relegated to the ‘also standing’ category (alongside the BNP and Monster Raving Loony Party) during media coverage of the recent Norwich North by-election. The big broadcasters failed to cover his campaign in detail on the basis that he wasn’t a ‘serious candidate’ and had no […]

What is it about Norfolk and rubbish election videos? Last week Scrapbook blogged on Iain Dale’s wearisome effort for North Norfolk in 2005 but may have stumbled across something even worse. Former British diplomat turned “everyone is against me” conspiracy theorist Craig Murray stood as a spoiler candidate in the recent Norwich North by-election. His […]

After losing his deposit in Norwich North, Labour-trolling conspiracy theorist Craig Murray has finally realised he is, erm, a bit crap: “I am probably the worst by-election candidate in history” — Craig Murray More on Murray later today.