In a tactic redolent of craftily designed fake legal notices from the likes of Wonga, the Conservative Party has resorted to sending out letters designed to look like genuine local authority communications in a bid to scaremonger local residents about the Mansion Tax. The letter, which is hitting doorsteps in Hampstead and Kilburn, arrives in a personally-addressed windowed envelope emblazoned with ‘Mansion Tax […]

A UKIP councillor has tried to blame immigrants … because he is behind on his own council tax. Portsmouth’s Paul Godier was banned from voting on proposals for £13.1m worth of cuts at Portsmouth City Council because he is behind on payments to the authority. It has not been revealed how much he owes. And […]

Having squandered an eight-point lead in just two months, it looks like Boris Johnson’s despairing campaign chief Lynton Crosby is resorting to outright lies about their opponents. An email sent out to supporters this morning claims that Ken Livingstone’s running mate would raise council tax: “Ken Livingstone’s hand picked Deputy Mayoral running mate in the […]