Labour’s plans for three-year tenancy agreements and predictable rent changes have been described as “Venezuelan-style rent controls” by the Tories — hardly a surprise given that nearly a third of their MPs are landlords. Analysis of the current Register of Members’ Interests conducted by Scrapbook shows that 89 of the entries for the Tories’ 305 MPs contain references to “rental […]

The Conservatives have been caught attacking trade unions while simultaneously relying on them to cover up falling living standards. David Cameron was quizzed on falling living standards at PMQs moments ago — after it emerged last week that George Osborne had spun his figures to include the activities of charities and universities to suggested that disposable incomes were going up […]

With heating bills at the centre of the financial challenge facing stretched families, energy secretary Ed Davey has been thrust into the limelight on cost-of-living issues. Here’s an insight into how seriously his team take them, courtesy of his special adviser Chris Nicholson: Sunday Times report cost of Christmas meal will be 17% higher this year. Expecting calls […]