Nearly half of Tory activists think the Prime Minister is costing the party votes, according to ConservativeHome — but the leading grassroots website still won’t reveal his standing in the cabinet league table. Yesterday, Scrapbook revealed Cameron’s had been quietly airbrushed out after previous poll results showed his popularity plummeting. The site has now released some damning numbers this […]

Right wing bloggers like to pretend their lefty counterparts receive their scoops directly “from the Labour Party press office”. It was therefore with some amusement that Scrapbook spotted a word-for-word copy of a government press release masquerading as original content on ConservativeHome. Without bothering to change the title, the otherwise unassailable organ of the Tory grassroots has […]

It’s tin foil hat time over at ConservativeHome, which on Friday claimed that Ken Livingstone’s press officer is moonlighting for the rail/tube union RMT. Labour-RMT relations were sour even prior to the union being booted out of the party for supporting Tommy Sheridan’s Scottish Socialists way back in 2004. Suggestions that Livingstone’s staff were also […]

Tim Montgomerie must be popular in Number 10 this morning: Is it any wonder CCHQ is so paranoid about ConservativeHome? The site’s position as the guardian of the activists does not pass unchallenged: one CCHQ employee demanded I refer to Montgomerie as “the self-appointed voice of the grassroots” … party staff worry about ConservativeHome’s ability […]

Hats off to Sunder Katwala for highlighting the astonishing chasm between the Tories’ pre- and post-election rhetoric on cuts. While Tim Montgomerie implored ConservativeHome readers this week “Don’t believe the right-wing commentators who say this isn’t going to hurt”, what was the line to take a few days before the election? David Cameron told Andrew Marr on 2 […]

On October 2008 ConservativeHome published an article entitled “How to be a good Mayor” by Barry Phelps, the former Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea. Likening the role of a civic figurehead to that of the Queen, Phelps observes: “While Mayor you can do no wrong with Council Standing Orders always  starting: The decision of the […]