One for the ignorant Tories — such as millionaire minister Lord Freud — claiming that the growth in food banks is driven by demand for freebies (you actually have to be referred by an approved outside body). Above is pictured Tylorstown Conservative Club in the Rhondda, which is now a, errrr, food bank. The ironic change […]

Forget the 1950s, for Tory councillor Michael Hytche Britain’s golden age was, errr, the 1850s. This was his contribution to Torbay Council Health Scrutiny Board, who had met to discuss the provision of “mental health and learning disability services” against a background of cuts: “Since the workhouses have been closed down, what has been put in their […]

With the Tories pushing the absurd notion that they are the “Workers’ Party”, a breathless Robert Halfon did his best to defend this spin in the Commons earlier today. There’s certainly nothing that says Workers’ Party like a chorus of plummy laughter and cries of “heaaah, heaaah” (translation “hear, hear”). And the most audibly sonorous baritone encouragement to […]

A council leader in one of the worst hit areas by the floods has responded to a residents’ questions on the crisis by blaming them (VIDEO): “If people want to live by the river, that’s up to them.” Spelthorne Borough resident Jason McCarthy had started to film councillor Robert Watts as he was walking off — […]

Michael Gove has appointed yet another Tory to a senior and supposedly impartial role in the education sector — by promoting his 28 year-old policy adviser to be his department’s £105,000-a-year director of strategy. Tom Shinner’s qualifications for the top civil service role include experience as a junior management consultant, setting up one of Gove’s beloved free […]

Party political broadcasts of all persuasions are bursting at the seams with curiously on-message ‘ordinary members of the public’. The Tories’ latest offering is no exception, with talking heads expounding Conservative lines on the deficit, immigration and the cost of living. But why are they all glancing towards the floor? Thankfully, the bloke in the Denace the […]