Youth politics has lived up to its reputation for viciousness in the past few days, with senior members of Conservative Future (CF) dripping poison about their ex-comrade, UKIP defector Alexandra Swann. After the former CF deputy chair crossed the floor, young Tory boys (and Tory girls) have been queuing up to put the boot in — […]

Trouble for young Tories in Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham, with Conservative Future brazenly attempting to charge members a tenner each to vote at their own AGM. With the pant-wettingly exciting prospect of meeting local bore Greg Hands MP, antediluvian-sounding chairman Maxwell Woodger attempted to charge an entrance fee for the meeting. Cue complaints that this doesn’t actually comply […]

The leader of the Conservative Party’s youth organisation has been called “patronising” and “snobbish” after insulting the diets of northerners, describing the party’s successes in the region as the “gravy revolution”. The Tory website London Spin — previously the venue of appalling anti-gypsy racism — claimed that Conservative Future chair Ben Howlett has “committed to having chips and gravy with […]

As reported elsewhere, the scramble to succeed Michael Rock as the chair of true blue youth wing Conservative Future is well underway. In the attendant blizzard of snazzy campaign branding, Facebook groups (and bitching) Sussex activist Craig Cox appears to lead the field in the social media “Tory 2.0” stakes. His lovingly crafted campaign website is headed up by […]

A student was seen climbing a multi-storey scaffold in a residential area of the Scottish capital’s prestigious New Town in the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately for Joe Cawley, the Chair of Edinburgh Conservative Future, the people that saw him were the Lothian and Borders Police. To compound matters, he had already had his collar felt by the […]