A controversial speech in which former Aussie PM Tony Abbott urged the UK to use “force” against migrants during the refugee crisis was the keynote address at an event designed to raise £350,000 to eulogise Margaret Thatcher, according to material for sponsors seen by Scrapbook.

With Bahrain lobbyist Lord Clanwilliam revealed as the sponsor of a £1,000-per-person table at last year’s Tory Summer Ball, guess whose company is acting as the “secretariat” of parliament’s Bahrain special interest group. With the owner of Meade Hall & Associates and stooge MP Conor Burns eulogising the dictatorship’s so-called “democratic reforms”, little surprise that a competing all […]

When it comes to holding wrongdoers to account, Tory MP Conor Burns seems to be doing rather better with evil poverty charities than brutal dictatorships. The Bournemouth MP complained to the Charity Commission about Oxfam — while acting as a sycophantic cheerleader for Bahrain. With the a top secret guest list, it tickled Scrapbook to see Burns sat at […]

With MP Conor Burns complaining to the Charity Commission about the claimed “party political” nature of the above graphic from Oxfam, right-whingers have opened up another front with McCarthyite targeting of anyone who has the temerity to argue back: Guardian attack on me call Sir Stephen Bubb in aid. Yes he also is yet another former Labour […]

After the media was put on obituary alert by a false rumour of Margaret Thatcher’s failing health, word has reached former Sun political editor turned Portland PR man George Pascoe-Watson that the Irony Lady is, in fact, well enough to entertain guests. Fanboy-in-chief Conor Burns MP, pictured above at Thatcher’s 85th birthday, posted on Facebook that he […]